Celebrity collaboration brewing
w/ Kyle Hollingsworth
MON, MAY 18TH @ 6:00PM PST

This week, The Session welcomes Kyle Hollingsworth to the show. When he's not on tour rocking the keyboards for The String Cheese Incident, he is homebrewing or collaborating with commercial breweries like Stone to create custom recipes and releases. How does one reach this level of musical and beerical zen? Tune in and find out. This episode also features a guided sensory panel training session to help you further develop your beer quality and consistency.

Brewing With Style: Belgian Specialty
FRI, APR 10TH @ 8:00PM PST

Jamil, Tasty and Jon Plise cover BJCP Category 16E in this episode of Brewing With Style.

Brew Strong: Parti-Gyle Brewing
MON, APR 27TH @ 7:00PM PST

Jamil and John welcome their old friend Neil Spake back to the show to teach us traditional Parti-Gyle brewing techniques. Neil has been all over the UK to learn from the greats like Fullers, on how Parti-Gyle brewing is done the old way. Tune in and learn the techniques for yourself, which will help you home and pro brewers get it done right!

HBC - Super Bowl Food
THU, JAN 19TH @ 4:00PM PST

On this episode of The Home Brewed Chef, Sean Z. Paxton gives some great and unique ideas of food and beer to bring to your Super Bowl party. Learn about beer nachos, chili, dips and more!

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Dr. Homebrew Episode #49
TUE, MAY 5TH @ 12:00AM PST

We do some heavy lifting as two heavy styles weigh in - an RIS and Imperial IPA.  Let's break them down and build them back up!


The Brewing Network and White Labs are joining forces on Wednesday, June 10 to celebrate a combined 30 years of service to the craft beer industry. Join us in San Diego to commemorate 10 years of live beer radio entertainment and 20 years of quality yeast manufacturing. It probably won't suck...



The Sunday Session

The Christmas Show

Original Air Date: 12-22-14

The Session broadcasts its annual Christmas show with Logsdon Farmhouse Ales... (more)


Sunday Session

Aired 05-11-15

The Session covers the changes to the BJCP style guidelines

The Jamil Show

Aired 04-07-15

Brewing With Style Discusses Northern English Brown Ale

Brew Strong

Aired 04-13-15

Jamil and John Palmer answer questions about pro brewing

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