The Brewing Network is a multimedia resource for brewers and beer lovers. From our headquarters at The Hop Grenade Taproom & Bottleshop in Concord, California, we produce live streaming radio, podcasts, and video featuring the best professional and homebrewers from around the globe to share our love of craft beer and brewing with you.

Meet the people behind The BN:

justinprofileJustin Crossley is the founder of The Brewing Network and host of The Session, as well as many of the video productions at The BN. He began his broadcasting career in radio, but quickly realized that terrestrial radio shuns drinking on the job. He founded the BN to share his love of radio and his love of beer and to spread information about making better beer with the masses, mostly for selfish reasons because he wants to drink better beer. He is widely known as the one person who can talk the most about beer, without actually knowing anything about it.
JP on BassJason “JP” Petros has been a co-host on The Session for over 9 years, bringing an “everyman” style of making beer to The Brewing Network. Since his humble foray into homebrewing at MoreBeer! in 1998, acting as the “#1 Malt Extract Cleaner and Idiot Savant”, JP has elevated his BN status to “Guy Who Sort Of Knows Stuff At Times If Nobody Else Is Available To Ask” – a major leap forward in his career. With humor and things that he tries to pass off as humor, JP’s “tell-it-like-it-is” commentary has rocketed him to semi-cult status within the world’s prison system. The addition of Dr. Homebrew to the BN helped introduce the soft, caring side of JP, marking a great moment in his own personal history. When he is not making radio happen on The Brewing Network or brewing undrinkable beer, you can find Jason in Disneyland, playing World of Warcraft, recording EarzUp Podcast, selling Covears, and writing about himself in the third person. He has been teaching the world how to homebrew since 1999. God help you all.
Scott “Moscow” Moskowitz produces and hosts programming on The Brewing Network. A talk show devotee from early on, he began working in the industry in 2001 on FM radio in Southern California. After stints at Clear Channel and CBS Radio in San Francisco, he joined The Brewing Network in 2009. Since then, his passion for radio has been complimented by the development of his passion for craft beer and homebrewing. When he’s not hosting The Sour Hour with Jay Goodwin or his poker podcast Showdown, he can be seen on the ice, behind an easel, or at a card table.
JZJamil Zainasheff is the owner/brewer of Heretic Brewing Company. Jamil started as a homebrewer and says he will always be one. In his hombrewing career, he brewed an award-winning example of every style in the BJCP Style Guidelines and wrote a book about it called Brewing Classic Styles. He also co-authored Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation. He wrote eight years of the Style Profile column for Brew Your Own magazine, and other articles for Zymurgy magazine and many others. He has been hosting The Jamil Show and Brew Strong on The Brewing Network since 2006.
TastyMike “Tasty” McDole is a national award-winning homebrewer and craft beer enthusiast. His homebrewing focus is on recipe development and process repeatability. Tasty’s recipes have been brewed around the world. He enjoys meeting with homebrewers and speaks regularly at local homebrew clubs. He is active in the Northern California craft beer scene, where he is familiar to craft beer brewers, distributors, bar owners, bar staff, and drinkers everywhere. Tasty’s common sense approach to homebrewing is heard on The Session and The Jamil Show.
beevoprofileBeverly “Beevo” Moore is a  married mom of one. Two if you count Sam. Her hobbies include singing, napping, and Disneyland! In 2007, Justin asked her to fill in as the chat room moderator while he searched for a permanent replacement – and after doing it for a few months, she offered to take on the task permanently. She now works with Justin on the BN’s accounting and event planning…and a bunch of other bullshit. In hindsight, volunteering to run the chat  was one of the best decisions she ever made. It is because of the BN that she has met so many wonderful people, and is fortunate to call many of those people her good friends. Except Beardy. He sucks.
Jay Goodwin is the co-founder and director of blending and brewing at The Rare Barrel in Berkeley, California, and the host of The Sour Hour. He began his craft beer journey in college, when he and his roommate (future Rare Barrel co-founder Alex Wallash) began homebrewing in their apartment. Jay went on to work at The Bruery for four years before founding The Rare Barrel in 2013. Outside of beer, Jay enjoys great food, great friends and baseball (go Giants!).
Smith.NathanNathan Smith has been a San Francisco Bay Area homebrew geek since 1998.  His homebrewing career was positively corrupted by the BN shortly after its launch in 2005 and it would never be the same since. He was first invited on as a guest in 2008, and he somehow managed to use those first three ass-hat years of BN shows to perfect his homebrewing skills enough to get invited back…and has been a regular contributor since. He is frequently sought out as a resource for hops, IPA and Belgian-style brewing and can often be heard pontificating half-truths and mostly rumors about stuff nobody understands such as hop essential oils, mash enzymes or strains of Brett. He probably still mashes in his oven. He definitely needs a haircut. He is on Twitter @nathanhomebrew.
Push Eject is an Emmy-nominated sound designer and re-recording mixer and the production director for The Brewing Network. He began homebrewing in 1998 and joined The BN crew in 2006. Push produces most of the pre-recorded audio for The BN, serves as staff photographer, videographer, visual effects designer, and motion graphics artist. More importantly he is a husband, patriot, and father of twins. Sadly, he’s also real fucking short.

Warren “Beardy” Billups is more than just a hot mess of hair and rugged good looks, but not much more. He started homebrewing and listening to The Brewing Network in 2009 and helped The BN Homebrew Club win the National Homebrewers Conference Club of the Year award in 2011 and 2012 with his decidedly average, yet surprisingly satisfying, attempts in cider. After graduating from college in 2011, Warren decided he wanted to scrub floors and clean kegs as an assistant brewer at Heretic Brewing Company instead of using his degree to earn a decent living. He is now the brewmaster at Foglight Brewing Company and a co-host on The Session.

Kim“KimsBayBrews” Schimke grew up in Sacramento, California with craft beer loving parents who took her touring around Northern California’s craft breweries since she was preteen. Fortunately, Social Services never caught on. Kim moved to the Bay Area in 2012 and began pursuing the craft beer industry. Kim has done public relations, marketing, and social media for breweries. Additionally, she manages her own beer-centric social media pages @KimsBayBrews. She helped brew a beer for Lagunitas’s Couch Trippin’ series, a Pink Boots Society Unite beer at Speakeasy, and has homebrewed a little. Kim is also Batman.
Version 2Jamie Reyes is the operations manager of The Brewing Network and takes on all the stuff Justin doesn’t want to do. A craft beer enthusiast from early on, she began her career in the industry in 2006. She cut her teeth in the brewing department at BJ’s Restaurants and went on to work in sales and distribution for Stone Brewing Company. When Jamie isn’t behind a computer, she drinks at all the best spots San Diego has to offer and attends Golden Girls fan club meetings.
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