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    I found a Hvidtøl recipe here. Hope that helps.... (more)
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The Jamil Show is the world's first radio program dedicated to brewing classic styles of beer. Each week award winning homebrewer and author Jamil Zainasheff, along with co-host Jon Plise, covers a specific beer style and how to brew it at home. From recipe design to fermentation techniques, The Jamil Show covers everything you need to know to brew classic styles.
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Brewing With Style: American Stout

Brewing With Style discusses American Stout

Broadcast date: 02-24-2015 Duration: 51:04 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Kolsch

Brewing With Style discusses Kolsch

Broadcast date: 02-10-2015 Duration: 01:11:23 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Tripel

Brewing with Style discusses Belgian Tripel

Broadcast date: 01-27-2015 Duration: 01:12:25 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Mild

Brewing With Style discusses Mild

Broadcast date: 01-13-2015 Duration: 01:04:15 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Milk Stout

Brewing with Style discusses Milk Stout

Broadcast date: 12-16-2014 Duration: 01:00:25 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Spice Beer

Brewing with Style discusses Christmas Spice Beer

Broadcast date: 12-02-2014 Duration: 01:01:17 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Mead

Brewing With Style discusses Mead

Broadcast date: 11-18-2014 Duration: 01:06:01 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Fruit Lambic

Brewing With Style discusses Fruit Lambic

Broadcast date: 11-04-2014 Duration: 01:11:51 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Maibock

Brewing With Style discusses Schwarzbier

Broadcast date: 10-21-2014 Duration: 01:05:23 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Schwarzbier

Brewing With Style covers Schwarzbier

Broadcast date: 10-07-2014 Duration: 01:01:07 MP3 available: Yes
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