Shallow Grave Clone

Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:59 am

Hey has anybody tried to clone Heretic "Shallow Grave Porter? I see that morebeer sells a kit in their Brewmaster Series. Anybody brewed this? I've brewed 100's of batchs of beer but I've never bought a "Kit". I'd be interested in seeing how they package this kit. Are all the grains mixed together, or do they package the ingredients separately? and list what they are. And do they list the Malting Co. for the different malts? Maybe that would be asking too much. I have JZ's recipe he claims that it is importent to use Fawcett Chocolate Malt, and a 50/50 mix of Fawcett and Bairds Black Patent type Malt to get the flavor he's looking for. Can anybody comment on this?
I'm looking forward to the AHA rally in April at Heretic Brewing Co. Their giving the 1st 150 people that sign up 5 gal of wort to pitch and take home. How cool can that be! I hope the wort is from a "Shallow Grave" batch. Our club has done this three times at Bear Republic Brewing Co. Life's good for a beer geek in Sonoma County Calif.
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Re: Shallow Grave Clone

Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:15 pm

They combine all of the grain, but the hops are separate. They provide the grain bill in the document section,

They don't list the maltster. but you can probably guestimate based on the maltsters that moor beer uses.

12lb 2-Row 1.8L Great Western or RAHR
1lb Munich 5-7L Weyermann
8oz Black Patent 560L Hugh Baird

8oz Chocolate Malt 450-550L Hugh Baird
1lb Crystal 40L 40L Great Western

Recipe based on: 70 % Mash Efficiency
Strike Water Temperature:
Mash Temperature:
Sparge Water Temperature:  F Time:
F Time:
1oz Columbus
2oz Cascade
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