Dry Root Beer from a place in Santa Cruz...?

Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:20 pm

Hey Everyone,

I'm new here and I hope this shouldn't be in the travel section, but back in the '90s there was a brewery in Santa Cruz off of Pacific Garden Mall that brewed a dry root beer. I couldn't drink at the time, so I had a LOT of it. It had a bite to it that almost made it painful to drink (in a good way). I was HORRIFIED when I went back one day and it was closed.

So being the massive hop-head and (very) amateur brewer that I am, I'm wondering if 1) anyone knows the brewery/brewer and 2) knows the recipe or a similarly awesome dry root beer recipe they can share with me. I'm hoping the recipe and brewer didn't disappear like other things in the Santa Cruz Mountains... :crazybitch: Thanks for sharing your expertise with me!


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