Firestone Walker - clone recipes

Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:12 pm

After listening to CYBI - Double Barrel Ale show, I got the bug to do that one. But I got interupted with my own Union Jack IPA clone!

So, the Union Jack IPA clone came out very nice. Slightly darker, 8 SRM, vs FW version at 7 SRM. Maybe because mine is unfiltered? Mouthfeel and foam about the same, although FW vesion has better lacing. As for IBU's, both mid 70's, I tasted more Centennial and Chinook in FW version, mine had more floral and pineapple.

71% 2-row
8% Marris Otter
12% Munich
4% Cara 40
4% Carapils
14IBU during Mash hopping (about = 10min addition)
22IBU Magnum, Simcoe FWH
17IBU Cascade, Centennial at 15min
26IBU Cascade, Centennial, Chinook at 0min (Whirlpool = 10 min)
Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe DRY hop
1.8oz per gallon total
Used dry Nottingham (small batch)

And so I finally got around to doing the DBA today. I finally cracked open my 4 month old 22oz bomber and tasted before I started... Glad I did, it had been awhile since I had it. I recorded it at 13 SRM, not the 16 SRM as per the FW website. Also, I sensed a bit of fruity/funky. What's up with that? Is it from the oak, or the yeast? I have not sensed this before, so maybe my bomber is just a bit old? So, I adjusted for color and dove in. Hit 73% efficiency and all went well. Pitched S-04 around 4:30pm so we'll see. Got the toasted oak chips soaked in bourbon waiting for day 2...

Next, I'll have to try the Double Double Barrel Ale!
Anyone checked this out yet? Pub only... so maybe a trip to the brewery! :)

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Re: Firestone Walker - clone recipes

Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:21 am

Thanks for sharing. Where did you Union Jack clone recipe come from?

On the CYBI show interview with Matt Brynildson, he mentions the house yeast is pretty close to WLP005. I split a batch between S-04 and WLP005, and the WLP005 finished about 4 points higher then the S-04. Both are close, but not exact. I think I need to dial back a little on the crystal malts.

Why put the oak chips in Bourbon for the DBA?

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Re: Firestone Walker - clone recipes

Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:26 pm

WLP005 is the British Ale or WY1187 Ringwood Ale yeast... So I played it safe with S-04. However, I did pick up fruity notes in my sample 22oz bomber! So, maybe it would be closer. I guess I just thought "bourbon barrels" and then estimated that the bourbon will sanitize the oak... Just enough to soak, chips will be removed from the bourbon! I'll let you know.

I scoured websites, including FW, and came up with this. After tasting FW sample, I would change C40 to C20, and bump it a bit, maybe up to 5%-6%. As for hops, more centennial and cascade. I don't taste the amarillo or simcoe in the FW version... at all!! Not sure why...

I actually thought my version was a smoother hop IBU. Not quite as "catty".

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