Still dazed from last night's Pink Floyd show, Justin wonders what happened during the first half of the concert, because he...missed it. Even though he can't remember what it was like, he's pretty sure he had a good enough time to go again this week. And because he'd never forgive himself if Roger Waters croaked before he got the chance to see the whole show.
Much to the delight of Beevo (and Dogfish Head groupies everywhere), founder and president Sam Calagione gets on the line with us from his home in Delaware. We immediately delve into Sam's new show Brew Masters, currently three episodes into its first season on the Discovery Channel. Justin has only caught one episode because his jealousy won't allow him to enjoy the show. We marvel at the perceived ease of production, as it seems like Sam is just going about his normal day-to-day activities, with camera and boom mic guys following him around. We further discuss manufactured drama on reality TV, our predictions for the future of craft and home brewing in the media, and the breakneck growth of Dogfish Head.

The next segment features Tim Noetzel and Richard Di Tieri from Pintley, on the line from their headquarters in Boston. After Tim gives us a brief history of the the site's conception (where he describes it as Pandora for beer), we discuss the engine behind its recommendation system. Justin and JP open accounts, start giving their opinions of different beers, and are mostly impressed with the suggestions the site offers.

We launch into part 1 of our multi-part series on ingredients; this week by covering base malts, including Pilsner, Maris Otter, Munich, and basic 2-row. Doc leads the discussion by telling us about his trial-and-error style of brewing that has contributed to his malt expertise, while Tasty, Chad, and JP offer their own detailed segments - much of it too technical to get into in this blog. For brewers interested in learning more about the role of base malts, this bit is a must listen.

After answering several more malt questions from callers and the chat room, Shat does his announcements, then we get into the feedback. Beevo pulls a "headache" out of her excuse bag, and promises to face Justin in the Ab-Cember Sit-Up Off next week. In a rare unanimous vote and just in time for his birthday, Alex from Fitchburg, Wisconsin, wins DOTW.