Buying Kit Beer?

Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:50 pm

I wasn't expecting to like the show on Kit Beers as much as I did. Didn't think I'd ever have an interest in brewing that way. But the show really changed my mind. I'm up for trying one of these kits out and seeing what comes of it.

Anyone have any recommendations regarding where to buy these kits or which ones in particular turn out well? I've looked around at Morebeer, Northern Brewer, and Williams, but none of these seem to carry the pre-hopped liquid extract kits that the show focused on.


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Re: Buying Kit Beer?

Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:38 pm

Try Midwest Supplies. I have purchased lots of stuff from them (other than extract) and they are great folks to deal with. Friendly service and fast shipping. ... iquid.html

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Re: Buying Kit Beer?

Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:34 pm

Cascadia ImPorters represents Coopers homebrew in the US ,Retail customers can buy directly from their Website and they have a full range of kits and extracts and probably where you will find the freshest Coopers Kits,

Brewcraft's kits that Jamil mentions on the show are also available in the US through some retailers. ... 1/USA.html

The Brewcraft range is produced Muntons in the UK.

Coopers on the other hand is a family owned brewery in Australia who has produced bottle conditioned ales for over 100 years.Coopers have been in the home-brew industry since 1978 where they started with 15 liter (4gallon) wort kits packaged in a bag in box and sold through hardware stores originally and a handful of homebrew stores and heath food shops.

Many of the Brewcraft pre-hopped kits have iso-hop in them but they do have the Rouge Ale Kits also that are great quality and where developed by John Maier himself .

Coopers actully boil the hopped wort and evaporate it .Some of Coopers Brewmaster range has hop essensences added at packaging .

As for customizing kits the possibilities are endless even for the begginer from adding a bit of late hops to steeping grains in some hot water or making a hop tea.

Kit beers keg really well also and can be ready in 10 days with a good fermentation and a couple days of cold conditioning .
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Re: Buying Kit Beer?

Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:29 pm

Go to your local homebrew shop and get a can ( yes in the can ) of "Cooper's Irish Stout" you will need another can of (I like LD carltons Porter) LME 3.3lbs. and some more hops to taste. it's good stuff man.
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