Re: Comments on the Fullers ESB Show

Tue May 25, 2010 4:04 am

Does anyone know if the London Pride/partigyle show is getting posted? So far its only the ESB show.

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Re: Comments on the Fullers ESB Show

Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:15 am

With Regard to the ESB, I thought it was kind of a null attempt with all those substitutions,
Surely with the connections you guys have you could have got the hops at least, remeber that ther are places outside of the gool ol USA, that will get these things shipped to the rat pad in a few days. eg
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Re: Comments on the Fullers ESB Show

Wed Jun 02, 2010 1:25 pm

Check this out. Video from the final tasting of the clone experiment in the Netherlands. They brewed around 23 different batches and did blind tasting to select the best. Very nice.

This final video they did in English, for those of us limited to one language. ... re=related
I hope my post helped in some way. If not, please feel free to contact me.

Jamil Zainasheff

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Re: Comments on the Fullers ESB Show

Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:50 pm

I don't get it, SRM is not half EBC. 150 crystal EBC would be 57 SRM, which is the simpsons medium not the dark.

Seems everyone is using the Dark not the Medium, why?

I haven't made the clone shot yet, but made a bitter this weekend with 90% maris otter and 10% simpsons medium, burtonized the water and pitched the thames vally yeast. Anyway partial point was to taste the simpsons malt and see what the first and second half of my sparge pulled. I did a 1.5 mash with 10.5 lbs of grain and got 1.074 for first half of runnings and 1.020 for second half of runnings.

Was a really good test to plan (on paper) my Fullers partigyle brew day. Basically 2:1 blend for ESB and 1:1 for London Pride.

Edit: wrong on amounts, should have been 1:1 for ESB and 3:4 London pride (1st to 2nd runnings)
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Re: Comments on the Fullers ESB Show

Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:07 am

Brewed a parti-gyle ESB / SB yesterday, highly inspired by the method described by fuller's brewer.

Used 95% Marris Otter (Simpsons) and 5% Crystal 80 (Baird). 10kg batch for 40L (10 gallons).

I batched sparged.
First runnings were lesser amount than I expected (16L / 4Gallons or 1.090 SG).

I sparged with enough water to yield 30L (~7gallons) of second runnings at 1.028 SG

Calculated the hopping of both kettles to yield about 37 IBU's.

In the end, I had a small amount of super high gravity wort (1.102) and a much larger amount of low gravity wort (1.033). So the blending was actually 2 parts first runnings for 3 parts second runnings for the ESB and a little over 1:3 for the SB.

It all worked well. Had 5 gallons (20L) of both beers.

ESB: 1.060
SB: 1.051

I slightly over-shooted it, but no big deal really.

I did not have any of the english hops besides EKG, so I suppose it will be different. I used a blend of EKG and Super Styrian (Aurora) for bittering and EKG for flavor/aroma. I haven't decided yet what I will use for dry hopping. I'm out of EKG so it will be either US Goldings or UK Fuggle.

jermanimal: I will definately check on the color thing. That makes sense. The wort was darker than I expected it. Fortunately I have both london pride and ESB available locally so I might even do a side-by-side..
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Re: Comments on the Fullers ESB Show

Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:37 am

I've got this next up on deck ..... going to parti-gyle the two batches, so any updates on how things went would be appreciated.

Midwest Homebrew Supplies has the hops needed for this beer! (err these beers!)
-- Scott

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Re: Comments on the Fullers ESB Show

Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:33 pm

The malt profile of my parti-gyles were spot on.

I did a side by side of both with london pride and ESB and I was pleased at how the malt profile and color was close.

I subbed most of the hops though as I did not have the originals, so the hop profile was different. Both beers were much hoppier, especially in the aroma. I like it that way and I was not trying to make a perfect clone so I would not change much.
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Re: Comments on the Fullers ESB Show

Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:43 am

I'm going to attempt this tomorrow or Monday. I have parti gyled before making a barley wine/bitter. I didnt blend anything. So with the Fuller's ESB/London Pride, its the same idea? Blend before the boil and hop them different? I don't want to clone it per se, I just want a couple that are close to the style, I love this stuff, and I cannot get it locally :(.
I have a bunch of EKG and Glaciers. I have a buddy stopping by NB to pick up a few things for me. I am getting #55 English Maris and other asst crystals and oats and other goodies.
Seems rather simple. I hope so, because this has been my favorite beer for many years, being that my last name is Fuller, I of course gravitated towards it and it turned out to be the best beer for me. Im glad my last name isn't St. Ides!
I put up some pics and such when I do it. :jnj
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