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Hop Rhizomes - 2 packs for $6!

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Hop Rhizomes - 2 packs for $6!

Posted: Sat May 12, 2012 10:07 am
by NikoBrew
Hey there fellow BN Army members,

I've put rhizomes back online. It is late in the season and they are taking up valuable fermentation space so now in 2 packs. If you get the last one of a variety we will toss in a Cascade, Centennial or Zeus (whichever we have more of at the time) to make two. I also added JUMBO Centennial Rhizomes. These are huuuge. We can also ship these to ALL 50 states (quarantine information has changed). They cannot be shipped internationally and you can NOT order rhizomes along with any other item (other than free shipping products) because they are shipped from another location.

2 Packs - $6
2 Packs of Jumbo Centennials - $8.50

Link to rhizomes:

Thanks and have a kickass fucking weekend.

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