BeerSmith 3 Mash Profile question

Thu May 23, 2019 7:38 am

I've been out of homebrewing in general for about 10 years, though I did do a couple of extract brews earlier this year. Before I quit brewing I was using ProMash, but I'm going to give BeerSmith 3 a go in a couple of weekends with an AG brew (Hefeweizen).

I do batch sparging, so I'm not sure which Mash profile I'm supposed to choose. If I choose "Single Infusion. Full Body, Batch Sparge". It says I "add 11.88 qt of water at 168.2 F". Then it says under Sparge/Lauter that my Sparge Vol is 4.95 gal at 168 F.

Do I add my grains to the tun, dump in 11.88qts of water and let that mash for ~60 mins, drain off that wort, then add 4.95 gal at 168 F and wait for the grain bed to settle and drain it again?
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