Late Hop Help !!!!!!!

Tue Feb 23, 2021 6:35 pm

So I've been having an issue over the last few brews with my beers coming out way too bitter. (not too hoppy, just bitter) Been out of the hobby for a while and getting back going after a move. Seems like all my late hops are just turning into bittering hops.... I'm curious to see what other folks are doing time wise from :15 to fermenter.... Am I waiting too long for things to settle in the kettle?... whirlpool too long? When do folks go to chiller? time / temp? I think I'm waiting too long before chilling and I'd just like to see what other folks are doing .... Thanks !!!
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Re: Late Hop Help !!!!!!!

Tue Mar 09, 2021 7:42 am

As you have noticed, late hops and whirlpool hops can add a ton of IBUs.

AND, as you can see, this forum is totally dead, it's very unlikely you will get much help here. Try Homebrewtalk forum instead, a lot more traffic there. Reddit is okay but generally less stellar quality feedback. No other forums really have good traffic anymore.

And finally... as luck would have it, I have developed equations to estimate IBUs from both boil hop and whirlpool hop additions. It's all here, two different methods, actually, see top of page, then square-root based approximation equations at the bottom of the page. Hope this helps you or somebody out there. ... 9bc1_o.png

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