Re: Oskar Blues Gordon

Sat Feb 13, 2010 9:23 pm

I had my first Gordon today and it was almost undrinkable. It tasted like a bad, under carbonated homebrew. I have to assume it was old because I can't see all of you raving over what I had today.

I looked for a date on the can and didn't see anything. Where do I find this information?
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Re: Oskar Blues Gordon

Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:53 am

San_Diego_Matt wrote:I had my first Gordon today and it was almost undrinkable. It tasted like a bad, under carbonated homebrew. I have to assume it was old because I can't see all of you raving over what I had today.

I looked for a date on the can and didn't see anything. Where do I find this information?

It's on the bottom of the can.
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Re: Oskar Blues Gordon

Tue Feb 16, 2010 7:45 am

As far as why the water is so different 11 miles away - I don't know - hippies maybe?

Longmont gets their water from a different source vs Boulder. They are both basically snowmelt, but I believe that Boulder's supply comes from the Arapahoe glacier and slides down the east side of the divide, wheras Longmont's water comes from the West side of the divide and is piped over.

At any rate, Longmont's water is incredible - makes for great brewing!
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Re: Oskar Blues Gordon

Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:49 am

Hi MF Tyler,

Thanks for the Gordon clone recipe - that will be next up for me. Have you or anyone else seen a clone recipe for Ten Fidy?

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Re: Oskar Blues Gordon

Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:08 pm

Just tasted my first sample of the clone recipe. I had my wife pour a can of Gordon as well as the homebrewed version into two different pint glasses. The color was spot on, mine may have been a half an SRM lighter in color but it was almost perfect, FYI I used the pale chocolate malt. When she brought them out I was certain I new which one was the clone because one had a very small head compared to the other. I only let the bottle prime for 8 days and coudn't wait any longer so I thought for sure that mine was the one that had the small head. I smelled them and the one with the small head was a lot more aromatic, the other one had a slight off odor so now I was a bit confused. I tasted the one with the smaller head and said "That's the real beer" it tasted just like I remember Gordon tasting. I tried the other one and it had a bit of oxidation and just didn't taste real fresh. At that point I new I was very happy with the results. The one with the smaller head was indeed my "clone" but it tasted much better than the actual brew. I checked the date on the can and it was canned on 11/3/09 so it was probably a bit old. This is one of my favorite beers and I know that I have tasted Gordon that tasted just like what I have brewed. My sister lives in Boulder and my wife and I love to go to Lyons for dinner, good beer and great bluegrass music on Thusday nights when we visit. This beer is cloned. I can't help but wonder whether they have changed their recipe and changed bittering hops like they had discussed in the interview? Nice job Nathan and Tasty. I can now brew this beer at home and save my money to buy plane tickets to visit the new brewery in Longmont.
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Re: Oskar Blues Gordon

Sun Mar 07, 2010 6:04 pm

Mine turned out a little darker than the real thing, but I'm really pleased with it. I had an OG of 1.091 and ended up with 10% abv. Mine turned out to have a little less aroma than the real thing, and doesn't have quite as much caramel sweetness (maybe due to the higher alcohol content), but it is very good. I'll definitely brew the recipe again.

In addition to overshooting the OG, I also left it on the dry hops for way longer than the recipe calls for. Maybe that has something to do with the lesser sat for a couple extra weeks before it was kegged, and I may have lost a lot of the volatile aroma compounds.

Gordon on the left, homebrew on the right. Poor head due to sloppy pour. They're both also clearer than the pic makes them look.

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Re: Oskar Blues Gordon

Mon Jun 14, 2010 4:39 am

Just brewed Gordon clone this Saturday and fermenting it nicely at 68. Not at 70 like the brewer said, but not at 65 like Nate just to make sure I get good attenuation. I keep forgetting to measure my carboy. I made a recipe for 6.5 gallons to make up for trub loss in my keggle and I think I may have over filled it. Whatever, more beer for me! WARNING: With all the hops in this recipe it's forced me to purchase a hop stopper because the 5oz. of hops killed my plate chiller. Hit my numbers spot on though.

Question: Anyone know where to get a decent scale for measuring grams? My scale only goes in 5 gram intervals.


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Re: Oskar Blues Gordon

Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:59 pm

you will be able to buy a gram scale cheaper online but if you want to go out and buy one locally, a kitchen supply shop or head shop would have some.
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