Re: Other activities?

Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:16 pm

NateBrews wrote:If you want some good, high level astronomy things to watch that are better than the stuff that is on TV (content wise, if not production wise), then look up Gresham College astronomy lectures on youtube.

Killer! Thanks Nate! I will most definitely check those out. Lately that stuff has really been blowing my mind.
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Re: Other activities?

Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:18 pm

brewinhard wrote:
kendrick81 wrote:All things science has me intrigued, what sort of things, home experiments and such or more so watching documentaries etc? im a huge geek when it comes to physics, i love the simplicity of complication!!![/quote

I have been teaching Biology to high school kids for 17 years now and still love getting them excited about the world around us. Just finished a fun, several day inquiry with microscopes comparing different types of cells. The kids loved it, and I did too!

I really enjoy learning about human evolution as well and have been dabbling a bit in astronomy. Anything to keep my mind moving!

Now thats something i really admire, a teacher who still has passion for his job 17 years in! The best people to educate are the passionate ones, i know so many tutors who just do their job to minimal standards and have no passion to influence the people they teach. Well done to you sir!
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