Relax, have a homebrew...

Sun Apr 19, 2020 5:27 pm

Hello everyone,

I stepped away from the homebrew community for a few, ehem, years when life and living got in the way of making my own beer. Between life, death, divorce, homelessness, illness, and now this nonsense I am reminded of the sage words of Charley P. to relax and have a homebrew! Since being laid off as a cook at a local private college in Lakeland, FL I now find myself reminded that this is where most of us started in the HOBBY and avocation of brewing beer, to make a better beer than the crap of overpriced and frankly, really bad beer. Even with the growth of interesting craft beers, it too has become bloated corporate entities who can no longer make the bottom line with their businesses. Hell, the Tampa area has a co-op of craft brewerrs who have ground to a halt with the uptake of COVID-19. So, anyone actually MAKING any beer?

JP, Justin, Jamil, anyone?

Hoping someone replies to this message in a bottle,
Alan Marks
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