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First HomeBrew at Day 11

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First HomeBrew at Day 11

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:15 pm
by bigern26
I started my first ever homebrew 11 days ago. Irish Red Ale extract kit. On sunday I seen that there was no activity so yesterday and the day before I too samples and did a gravity test. Both days are the same.
I plan on doing another sample tonight to see what that says but the water in the air lock has not moved.
I tested both samples with 2 different hydrometers and I get different readings from each. (both read 1.000 with regular water). The new plastic one reads 1.006 and the old glass one reads 1.010. Either way they both read different OGs and I get the same ABV readings.

Question is, Wait to bottle, put in secondary, or just bottle now?
I have been doing a lot of reading and it seems unnecessary to put in a secondary just to risk oxidation and infection. Tasting the samples it is bitter with a tangy after taste. I hope that goes away a little bit.
Just looking for some advise on when I should bottle.

Re: First HomeBrew at Day 11

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:14 pm
by BDawg

11 days is pretty quick. I would give it another week or so and then bottle. No need for secondary.
The yeast will continue to work on the byproducts even after there is no visible activity.
Also, they will drop out and brighten the beer, reducing "yeast bite".
Patience at this point is key. You are anxious but your patience will be rewarded.
Remember that the yeast work on their schedule, not yours.

Get your next beer planned out and under way. It will keep your mind off this one and give it time to mature.

Good luck. Keep coming back and ask if you have any questions. We are glad to help.

Re: First HomeBrew at Day 11

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 5:59 pm
by Charlie
Did the brew initially exhibit a lot of activity as measured by bubbles per minute through the airlock? If it did, and then the rate gradually decreased to almost zero, then that is how it usually goes.

I have had brews of OG 1.055 or less finish in 10 or 12 days, so that doesn't concern me.

If you're using an Irish Ale yeast such as White Labs WLP-004 you will want to give the brew a seven day diacetyl rest after fermentation is substantially complete. WLP-004 produces diacetyl (buttery flavor) as a by-product of fermentation, but the yeast will metabolize the diacetyl after they finish with the sugars.


Re: First HomeBrew at Day 11

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:07 am
by bigern26
The Kit had LME and the yeast used was Wyeast 1272.

There was a lot of activity starting at about 12 hours after pitching. Good foam cap that fell at day 4. Day 6 there was no activity in the airlock.
took SG day 10 and day 11 and both were the same. I have been thinking about cold crashing and bottling this weekend. Then a month to bottle condition and age.

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