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Lackluster carbonation

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Re: Lackluster carbonation

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:41 am
by Ozwald
mikevarela wrote:Thanks guys, by fridge I meant in my temp controlled drop in chest freezer (68 degrees) But, the others were in a kitchen cupboard in southern California, like 72 ish.

I think it might be a combination of not enough yeast and not enough sugar, but, it's the packed sugar the homebrew shop puts together for recipes. in any case, I've just ordered a Erlenmeyer flask and a scale for measuring. I'm gonna start doing 2L starters from now on.

oh, and the beer has been in secondary for two weeks and two weeks in bottle. carbonation should have happened by now. 1st bad batch (though tastes good) so it's chalked up to learning curve.

+1 on the flask & scale. Your beer will thank you.

2 weeks in the bottle is *usually* enough for carbonation to happen, but you never know. I'd still set them aside for another week to see what happens. Even if there's a touch more or a more noticeable hiss when you crack them, something's happening in there.

If it doesn't, could be the yeast, could be the amount of sugar. We'll never know. The flask & scale will take care of that problem though.

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