Split Batch Recomendations: Scottish 80 & Belgian Blond

Tue Dec 31, 2013 8:16 am

I have been splitting my 5gal brews into two and doing something different with each half for a while. (ex: a session pale ale with american yeast and trappist yeast, a triple 'straight' and with steeped dark wheat, a maibock with lager yeast at lager temps and one with a kolsch yeast at ale temps, a light belgian with dark candi syrup in half, etc). I am deciding what do do next.

I want to brew a Belgian Blond and/or a Scottish 80. I have a couple ideas to get a little difference and have variety in my fridge:

Belgian Blond - yeast variant
Belgian Abby 2 - Wyeast 1762 - all
Brett - Wyeast 5112 - 1/2

Scottish 80 - yeast variant
Scottish Ale - Wyeast 1728 - 1/2
Ringwood - Wyeast 1187 - 1/2
Edinburgh - WLP028 - 1/2

Anyone have some other suggestions? What have you done with split batches to ad variety to a style?

Happy brewing in 2014.
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Re: Split Batch Recomendations: Scottish 80 & Belgian Blond

Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:08 am

Those seem like good choices to me. In addition to varying the yeast, I enjoy doing the same yeast at different temperatures, or one with and one without a starter (just to see the effects), and also trying different dry hops.

Good Luck! Let us know your results.
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