100% Rakau esb/Ipa thingy

Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:39 pm

Hi there
Brewing this in about 2-3 weeks and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for this recipe
og; 1.056
batch size; 23.5 L

5.5KG golden promise (94%)
250 G crystal 60 (4.25%)
100g Pale Chocolate (1.75%)

38 IBU FWH Rakau
4-5 IBU 20min Rakau
.65 grams per liter 0 min Rakau
1 gram per liter Rakau dry hopped for 10 days
1 gram per liter Rakau dry hopped for 5 days

WY1968 from a mild yeast cake

Rakau is an NZ variety over 10% alpha acids but under 25% cohumulone with aromas and flavors of passion fruit and peach. Perfect for the coming summer down here.

any suggestion?

Cheers guys
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