Racer 5 Clone in BYO

Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:46 am

I was looking thru the BYO Clone issue at their Racer 5 IPA recipe and wanted to give it a try but had some questions about their recipe.

The recipe that BYO lists below, only has a 90 and 60 minute hop addition. It seems odd that there is no flavor or aroma additions other than the dry hop. Also, the SRM for the beer calculated in ProMash comes out around 5-6 SRM. The BYO recipe claims the SRM should be around 10, but there is no way this grain bill could acheive that color. I think the Crystal 15L is a typo and maybe should be 45L.

I have already asked Jamil to add this beer to the Can You Brew it line up, but wanted to know if anyone else has brewed this recipe based on the one given in BYO. If you did, do you think it came out close to the real Racer 5. What changes did you or would you make?

Racer 5 IPA

A ProMash Recipe Report

BJCP Style and Style Guidelines

14-B India Pale Ale, American IPA

Min OG: 1.056 Max OG: 1.075
Min IBU: 40 Max IBU: 72
Min Clr: 6 Max Clr: 15 Color in SRM, Lovibond

Recipe Specifics

Batch Size (Gal): 5.00 Wort Size (Gal): 5.00
Total Grain (Lbs): 14.20
Anticipated OG: 1.073 Plato: 17.82
Anticipated SRM: 6.1
Anticipated IBU: 59.0
Brewhouse Efficiency: 70 %
Wort Boil Time: 90 Minutes

Pre-Boil Amounts

Evaporation Rate: 10.00 Percent Per Hour
Pre-Boil Wort Size: 5.88 Gal
Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.062 SG 15.28 Plato

Formulas Used

Color Formula Used: Morey
Hop IBU Formula Used: Rager

Additional Utilization Used For Plug Hops: 2 %
Additional Utilization Used For Pellet Hops: 10 %


% Amount Name Origin Potential SRM
79.2 11.25 lbs. Pale Malt (2 row) Schreier U.S. 1.037 2
11.7 1.66 lbs. Wheat Malt(6-row) US 1.030 2
4.4 0.63 lbs. Crystal 15L America 1.035 15
3.0 0.42 lbs. Corn Sugar Generic 1.046 0
1.8 0.25 lbs. Cara-Pils Dextrine Malt America 1.033 2

Potential represented as SG per pound per gallon.


Amount Name Form Alpha IBU Boil Time
0.50 oz. Chinook Pellet 12.00 29.1 90 min.
1.00 oz. Cascade Plug 7.30 29.9 60 min.
0.30 oz. Centennial Pellet 9.40 0.0 Dry Hop
0.30 oz. Amarillo Pellet 8.60 0.0 Dry Hop
0.20 oz. Cascade Pellet 5.70 0.0 Dry Hop
0.20 oz. Tomahawk, F-10 Variety Pellet 16.00 0.0 Dry Hop


Amount Name Type Time
1.00 Unit(s)Whirlfloc Fining 15 Min.(boil)
1.00 Unit(s)Servomyces (yeast nutrient) Other 10 Min.(boil)


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Re: Racer 5 Clone in BYO

Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:09 pm

I believe the recipe calls for "Caramel Pilsner Malt" which is different from CaraPils. Perhaps that is where the color difference resides?
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Re: Racer 5 Clone in BYO

Thu Apr 07, 2011 5:16 am

The recipe in the Clone issue calls for .25 lbs of Carapils. Carapils is a registered trademark of Breiss malting. No other company can use the name, so if it calls for Carapils, that's the Briess product at 1.3-1.5 lov. I can't explain the difference in SRM. Maybe shoot an email to the brewery?

Other maltsters offer similar products, usually labeled "caramel pilsner" or "dextrin(e)" malt at a similar lovibond. The exception is Dingemans which offers a 6 lov "Caramel Pilsner".

Confusing for sure! And illustrates why most recipes are fairly useless. I've been bitching about both Zymurgy and BYO not providing full info on the malts in their recipes for years. ".5 lbs Chocolate malt" is completely useless unless there's lovibond, and preferably maltster info as well, listed with it.

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