Re: Iso Extract - Hops extract anybody?

Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:36 pm

Is it possible to get the tetra extract? I want some of that!
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Re: Iso Extract - Hops extract anybody?

Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:13 pm

jwatkins56550 wrote:Is it possible to get the tetra extract? I want some of that!

It is and I may get some of that when this runs out.. it's a bit more involved as it doesn't go in a little bottle with a dropper like this iso extract. Clean BU's are tasty as well :)

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Re: Iso Extract - Hops extract anybody?

Sat Jan 30, 2010 3:37 pm

jwatkins56550 wrote:Is it possible to get the tetra extract? I want some of that!

With Tetrahop you need to add a another hop extract like RediHop or HexaHop which are totally light stable and Tetrahop is only partialy light stable and can produce sulpur odors/favors when subjected to damaging light spectrum but it wont produce the classic skunk flavor that is found in light strck beers.

With Redihop or Hexahop you add 15-20 milligrams per liter and only a few Milligrams of Tetrahop becuse it accentuates bitterness and has excellent foam cling properties.
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Re: Iso Extract - Hops extract anybody?

Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:00 pm

NikoBrew wrote:Troops,

After listening to the interview with Vinnie last weekend and doing some digging I've decided to get a new product in; Iso Extract

This is a hop extract, not the exact same as what Vinnie uses. It isn't what other breweries use as well when they use clear bottles and want to prevent skunkiness. IT IS is produced from CO2 extract and contains only purified isomerized α-acids.

There are formulas for calculating the amount to use on a homebrew level, and it basically adds pure, clean BU's without flavor. This is to be added post fermentation, post filtration (if you do that).

Iso Extract will be in a 1oz brown glass bottle with a dropper built into the lid, like fermcap-s is oftentimes in. There is a formula to it's usage I found online that I condensed a bit:

About 1.38 ml for adding 10 BU's to 10 gallons finished beer, with about 20 drops per ml thats approx 28 drops, which makes one bottle about enough to add 10 BUs to about 21 batches of 10 gallons of beer.

Iso Extract is essentially the same product as IsoHop.

The listed price will be about $29 for the 1oz bottle

ETA: I expect this to be available to order within 2 weeks, the Nikobrew family will be out of town (celebrating little Niko's 1 year bday already!) that weekend (feb 3-6th we'll be gone) so it would ship upon our return.
If anybody here has used isohop and would like to give some feedback it would be appreciated, as well as any questions. Thanks!

Mega brewers use Iso-Alpha Hop Extract to adjust bitterness in different products they make. Many big brewers have 2 beer streams and the different brands are only differentiated by the different proportions of Hop extract they use and other downstream hop products like Hop Essences that are used in "Premium" beers .Beer in Clear bottles uses light stable hop extracts .Iso Alpha Extract is not light stable .

. .Iso Extract can give the beer a very one dimensional bitterness/hop flavor so late hopping or making a hop tea is advisable . Here's how to make homebrew with Iso Extract this is the stuff that most no boil kit manufacturers use and below is the proportions they use ;)Coopers is the only No Boil kit manufacturer that doesnt use Iso Extract in thier Homebrew Concentrates .

6.6 LBs of liquid Malt extract -depending on style use Light ,amber or dark extract

In 22 Liters (6 gallons) you use 1-10 ml of Iso Extract depending on style - 1-4mL for low hopping , 5-7 mL for medium hopping 8-10mL for Highly Hopped beers .USE A METRIC DOSING SYRINGE FOR BEST RESULTS .ALSO NEVER BOIL ISOHOP IT WILL PRODUCE A HARSH BITTERNESS .

This can be mixed right in a plastic fermenter or bottling bucket if you brew in a carboy with 1 gallon of boiling water and then top up with cold water to 6 gallons

For best results also add 1 -2 tablespoons of hop pellets for late hopping effect when you mix the extract with the hot water.

Its also a good idea it have a good active starter or re hydrated dry yeast ready to go when you make no-boil homebrew .

If you want a bit more accuracy heres the calculations

1 IBU is 1mg/L (milligrams of isomerised alpha acid / litre of finished beer)

So to get your Iso addition in millileters

Its just desired IBU X number of Litres

So in 22 L at 35 IBU you need 22 X 35 = 770 mg (0.770 g)

As the solution is 30% w/v Iso Alpha
0.770/0.3 = 2.5 mL (0.770 g)

Iso Extract gives you about 60% utilization when added pre-fermentation (eg .No-Boil Kit) and about 80-90% utilization post fermentation (eg .adjusting bitterness) /But just like other IBU calculations this is only giving you a baseline number to help you predict the approximate IBUs in your finished beer.

So if your using the above calculations you have to adjust for the utilization factor / IBU losses

Desired IBU/Utilization Loss % (decimal)

Adjusted Utilization IBU = 35/1.40 = 49

22L X 49Adj.IBU = 1 078mg (1.078g)

30% w/v Iso Alpha


so round this down to 3.5 mL for ease of measurment
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Re: Iso Extract - Hops extract anybody?

Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:56 pm

NikoBrew wrote:
Chupa LaHomebrew wrote:Niko,
It might be a good idea to carry something like the NB Hopshot if you can get it. I believe it is a Hop Union product. The ISO hop extract is used for post-fermentation, but if people are looking to clone Pliny they are going to want the Hopshot type stuff that you add to the boil. I've thought about buying some of that ISO hop extract recently, but it seems like a lot of bread to throw down on fixing a single batch of beer, and as far as I know it needs to be used within a certain time of opening.

Do you know anything about the shelf life of the ISO hop extract once it is opened?

So it depends on you who you ask for storagability. It's supposed to be used within 2 years, though as I need to repackage it for you it may be 2-3 months, I will get some clarification on it. Thanks for the feedback on hopshot I will see what the specific name is it goes by as there are literally about half a dozen hop products with the name "extract" in it. Excellent point about shelf life, we may go to smaller amounts at some point if needbe. Thanks.

Hop Shot is CO2 Kettle Extract this is what Vinny is using in Pliny its made by Yakima Chief and the other hop brokers in the US buy it from them . Barth Hass also make Several Kettle and Post Fermentation Extracts and Hop Products ... tract.html ... &Itemid=26

Repackaged Iso Extract should last 2 years if its refrigerated but at cold tamps the potassium salts can precipitate out but if you warm the extract up to room temps and give it a shake the salts will dissolve back into solution.I think you should be packaging Iso Extract in dram bottles because you need so little to adjust the bitterness in a beer and its so damn expensive even at the wholesale level .

Really tiny bottles ;)
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