Re: Imperial Stout, bottle or keg?

Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:36 am

brewinhard wrote:
Daddy Biers wrote:
brewinhard wrote:I only keg my beers. I then beer gun them for comps and or giving away. If you are planning on storing some for an extended period I think bottle conditioning naturally with yeast and priming sugar is a better way to go (albeit more work). Something said for yeast in your bottles for extended aging.

If you plan on using your beer gun, then I would be sure to keep them cold after bottling them simply to reduce any chances of oxidation occurring. I have bottled many sour beers in this fashion that age quite well kept cold in a fridge after the profile is just right. For some reason, I just don't trust the beer gun for very long term aging (i.e. 12 mos +) involving oxidation concerns with normal sacch. beers.

But with the beer gun you can blast it with c02, so that shouldn't be any 02 pick up. Right?

Yes and you can also purge the bottle before filling and cap on foam to limit oxygen pickup. But
oxygen always ingresses under the bottle caps and will eventually lead to oxidation in one way or
another over time.

OK, I feel you with the 02 pick up from under the caps! But what I did was use plastic champagne corks and going to dip them into wax! Anyone have a good mixture? I remember someone on one of the old shows talking about adding glue to the wax.
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