dispensing Nitro stout with keg pump

Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:49 pm

hi all,

i am new to the board and a homebrewer of a few years now.

A friend of mine had a bar that closed down recently and he gifted me a full, untapped keg of Gritty McDuff's Black Fly stout (Portland ME). It is a standard sankey D coupler, but the beer is nitrogenated and is intended to be dispensed with a Stout Faucet.

That said, i am planning to bring this keg to a friend's party and the only method to dispense it will be a keg pump (it will be consumed in 1 night). We do not intend to invest in a faucet, gas tank and regulator just for this one keg. Understanding that i will not get the creamy cascading head of a nitro stout without the stout faucet, do you think it will be drinkable?

The bottled version is a non-Nitro stout (from what i recall) and it is certainly palatable.

Thanks in advance!
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