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new keezer build

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Re: new keezer build

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:09 pm
by mordantly
johnson arrived yesterday morning... how i set her up today:

sp: 42F
diff: 3F
ASD: 12min
sensor failure: OPEN RELAY

it has been running for 5 mins and dropped from 75F to 72F! this thing is super QUIET. my ceiling fan is far louder.. not sure how much current draw the compressor is using, but my power consumption is 550 watts (.5 KwH) with the keezer, a laptop, kitchen fridge, and ceiling fan on high. not too shabby!!!

EDIT. here is the current cycle.

run ~10 minutes @ 42F
next ~15 minutes @ TEMP-OVERSHOOT to 40F
next ~30 @ slow ramp to 45F
repeat (x+1)

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