Re: Biofine - bested by it again..

Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:51 pm

I used biofine on my last keg without a problem. I bent my dip tube a little bit.

I added the biofine to the beer just after racking in to the keg. I use a carb stone to force carb so I am sure it stirred up the biofine pretty well.

I will also note that my beer was crash cooled in the fermenter so it was cold when I added the biofine.

First pint was crystal clear.
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Re: Biofine - bested by it again..

Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:00 pm

I've given this stuff a try again and will report back. Process this time around:

-Rack warm beer (too lazy to cold crash) after 3 weeks in primary to warm keg.
-let keg sit 3-4 days until a spot opened up in the kegerator
-put warm keg into kegerator and instead of force carbing at 30psi for 2 days, I elected to use the set it and forget it method at 8psi
-2 days into carbing, I popped the lid, and dosed in 15ml of biofine with a syringe by squirting (go ahead, run with that one) the biofine over the surface as best I could. I then repealed the keg and purged off the headspace again.

So, no shaking, but this time I added the biofine to already cold crashing beer. We'll see
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Re: Biofine - bested by it again..

Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:48 am

^^^ so the above method worked, quite well actually. I let it sit on the gas at serving pressure for a few days, popped lid, squirted biofine over surface of kegged beer, replaced lid purged headspace, and then let sit for 3 more days.

First pint 6-7 days in was fairly clear, way clearer than normal. Each day since has gotten more and more clear. It's pretty obvious at this point that this stuff seems to work better on cold beer that will then stay cold, and even though I did not, mixing it while transferring or siphoning would likely be even better.
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