Re: Kegging is bullshit

Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:33 am

maxwell wrote:Sometimes when this happens, all you need to do is quickly depress the poppet with a screwdriver. Beer will spray everywhere, so best to cover it with a cloth first. The poppet should seat itself and stop leaking.

If kegging were this annoying, my lazy ass wouldn't have gotten into, trust me. I'd pull or kill the gas to the keg, vent the keg, then lightly push the poppet in and see if it re-seats itself, which it usually does. If not, I'd depressurize the keg again, and then try removing the post and seeing what's going on with the post/poppet assembly. I'd also try (if you have it) connecting another liquid side ball lock disconnect to eliminate that as an issue. From now on, if you don't already, I'd use keg lube on all O rings.

For maximum overkill, search for x rings (dip tube o rings that keep you from torquing down the posts) and silicon o rings for the posts themselves. McMaster Carr carries them for cheap and although they seem to fix something that ain't broke, it helps to soothe the homebrewer paranoia.
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