Re: Ball lock or Pin lock keg?

Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:18 am

crashlann wrote:Thanks for the replies. Will my current tap work with either? I have a standard kegerator that I commonly fill with Alesmith, Lagunitas, Greenflash kegs...

I am taking it by these posts that you fill it with commercial products, which means it has a sankey connections on it. with the ends changed over liquid to liquid, gas to gas, it will work just fine with either pin or ball lock fittings.

As stated by others ball lock is the more common, and probably provides an easier cross over with others systems and for events.

What I suggest when refitting your keg place a swivel flare fitting on the tubing and get flare fitting connectors, this way you can always switch them on the fly and go either ball or pin lock when needed just by switching the quick disconnects in your keggerator. Then you can host other peoples kegs and swap out when needed if you get that deal on some kegs that you just can't turn down which is not the same connection type as the rest of your keg in inventory.

Please see following links for examples for flared fittings ... ut_-_Flare
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