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Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:56 am

brewinhard wrote:
summy wrote:How does one purge an empty keg with normal kegging equipment, i.e. ball lock fittings on your gas line? Just hold it (gas out fitting) inside the keg while pushing down on the "pin", thus allowing co2 to spray out into the empty keg? I never bother purging, but may start...

Simply place your gas line onto your in post of your sanitized keg and let the gas fill the keg for a short bit (10 seconds + or so). Remove your gas line, then directly before racking into your keg, pull your pressure relief valve to release all of the CO2 from within the keg. Remove the lid, and rack your beer over to the keg without splashing. You can also push your sanitizer out of the keg through the out line in this fashion to help purge your keg as well. But I just gave you directions for a ball lock keg, so hope that is what you have.

I don't take the lid off after it's purged - rack into the bev-in ball lock (tube from racking cane onto the ball lock), put my gas out connector on (not hooked up, just to let the C02 out as the beer goes in)
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