Looking to Build my first Kegging system: Advice Needed

Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:16 pm

Hello all,

So I'm looking real hard at building my first kegging system. There are just a few things that are key to what I'm looking for.

I have a 20lb C02 Tank already. I want to start out with a 2 Keg Ball Lock set up.

I do not mind the used Corny's but the new ones do look cool. I figure I can upgrade those later if needed.

Also, I do have a fridge that I can see eventually making into a faucet set up, but for now I was just thinking about keeping it simple and then maybe upgrading to facets down the road. (Should be easy to do that upgrade right?)

So I was looking around at some pricing on some of the sites that I have ran into from the posts here in this forum and just a simple looksee on ebay and here is what I have came up with.

$235 w/o the tank: http://www.midwestsupplies.com/kegging/ ... ystem.html

$204 w/o the Tank (Lesser Regulator than the one above. Seems that this one is a bit more "Touchy" aka less consistent) gas line is 5/16" inner diameter and is 4' long. The beer line is 3/16" inner diameter and 5' long http://www.midwestsupplies.com/review/p ... t/id/3708/

$175 (Has a Duel gauge splitter type Regulator) 5 feet of 5/16 Inch gas line. 5 feet of 3/16 Inch beer line http://www.beveragefactory.com/draftbee ... _kit.shtml

$275 http://www.homebrewing.org/Kegging-syst ... _1779.html

Kegconnection was going to be around $290 (And you would need to piece the kit together)

Northern Brewer was going to be around $275 (And you would need to piece the kit together)

Beverage Elements was going to be around $255 (And you would need to piece the kit together)

Should I be concerned with the quality aspect of the two cheaper options? Anyone have any alternatives that they would mind suggesting?
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Re: Looking to Build my first Kegging system: Advice Needed

Fri Mar 02, 2012 8:00 pm

I'm also just setting up my kegging system, and I also had a 20 lb tank. I got two ball lock kegs from MoreBeer, and then picked up the dual regulator and two pin lock keg system from Midwest (planning on splitting the gas lines later). I didn't really want to have both pin lock and ball kegs, but it was a really good deal. I've got it all in a 9 cu ft chest freezer, with a temp controller.

I kegged my first batch last weekend, and I had no issues with any of the equipment. Earlier this week I hooked up the second regulator to test my poor man's counter pressure filler (a racking cane with a rubber stopper). The pressure on the second regulator kept shooting up really high. It seemed like it was dialed to a crazy high pressure, regardless of where I had it set. When I called Midwest, they said I got sent a bad regulator. They were cool about it though, and are sending me a new one.

I don't know, my regulator didn't work, but they were cool about it, so I'm still okay with Midwest provided that the next one they send works.
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