19 plants and I have my fingers crossed

Sun Apr 20, 2008 10:56 pm

We've had so much rain in Arkansas that I was really starting to worry, but the sun was out over the weekend and my hops are doing well. I've had good growth from 17 mounds, with nothing from the other three, but this morning I could finally see the very tips of some sprouts poking through two of my mounds, so now I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the 20th mound.

Grow-Hops is now up to 1,943 members and I have acquired the domain name www.grow-hops.com and have been working hard trying to get it all set up. We're going to have a Grow-Hops Wiki, a whole-hops exchange for people who want to trade one variety for another, a free rhizome exchange (the one this year was a great success -- I donated 54 NICE rhizomes), and I've just set up the Forums which are primarily centered around gardening for the homebrewer -- hops, barley, brewing-herbs. Until we finish construction, everyone is welcome to join us at our current Yahoo address -- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Grow-Hops


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