hops poisoning?

Tue May 19, 2009 4:30 am

just found out that our house is gonna have to be tented for termites... don't get me started on that.

i read that the termite poison (vicane?) will kill any plants under the tent. i have first year hops (cascade and nugget) that are doing well, but they are trained up stringers to the roof line. they would definitely be covered, and other than not wanting them to die, its prob not a bad idea to keep that stuff out of my beer too.

anyone have termite poison/hops experience?

any advice on where/how to transplant 1st year hops that are only about 2-3 months in the ground?

the nugget only has 2 bines that are no more than 3' tall. the cascade has about 5 bines, tallest is approx 7'.
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Re: hops poisoning?

Wed May 20, 2009 11:38 am

Vicane = Sulfuryl fluoride.

This sounds like really bad news for the hops. I can't find info about its effect on plants, but I suspect it could get in the plants and then in your beer. At the very least I would remove the strings from the house and drape the hops over sawhorses or some such. Maybe they can get the bag close enough to the house that it won't interfere with the hops.

I think the only other option is dig the suckers up and move 'em.

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