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Too much Wheat?

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Too much Wheat?

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 5:52 pm
by gotsumbeers
Hi All,
At the latest Big Brew a brewer donated a bag of Malted Wheat to our club. I hosted Big Brew. I forgot about the wheat. So when I went measure out the grist for my next batch of beer I dipped in to my little silo, grabbed the bag of Briess and measured out 16lb. Then proceeded to measure out my other grains, all in the same bucket. I went to mill them and noticed there was quite a bit of wheat in a recipe that had no wheat. 91% wheat actually! It's all mixed up now.
I'm up for a challenge. Any ideas? I batch sparge, I think that helps. I was thinking of doing a few ounces of whole leaf hops in the mash. I'm trying to aviod rice hulls.

Any suggestions?


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