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low OG wanting more ABV

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low OG wanting more ABV

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:20 am
by letuandk
So I brewed my 2nd batch of beer on Labor Day. My friends and I brewed the Rogue Shakespear stout
recipe. The OG= 1.052. It was getting late so we just started the fermentation process. I'm wanting to
know how much sugar to add to the ferm. tank to get a higher ABV since I know it's going to be lower
than what I'm going to get when I stop the fermentation process at FG=1.014. I calculate out a ABV=4.97%.
I want to get a ABV of 6-6.5%. How much sugar do I add to achieve this? I'm a new brewer and I'm sort
of walking in the dark. Any help would be great.

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