Re: opinion about pumps

Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:32 am

You get what you pay for with pumps. I would recommend the March or Chugger pump with a stainless head. Shop around for prices. Don't assume that places like More Beer have the best price. There are many other resellers that are less expensive, especially on the Chugger pumps (remember to calculate shipping into the price too).

I have a single tier system with two pumps. I just replaced my March pumps with Chugger pumps. The Chuggers are much quieter and seem to be a little faster, but that could just be my imagination. You won't regret getting a pump since it will make your brew day so much easier.
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Re: opinion about pumps

Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:06 pm

I have two chugger pumps on my Blichmann pots, boilcoil electric and tower of power.

I COULDN'T live without two pumps. Yeah I could gravity my HLT water down and have it 2ft higher but then I couldn't see in it and use it as wash water when I'm PBW'ing the system and rinsing afterwards and everything else I do with it.

Chuggers are great. I've had mine for 3 years now and they just run and run. Lots of hours burned in on them.

I have lumbar stenosis and I'm going for Neck fusion in mid march so whenever I can get back to lifting weight again, I'll definitely appreciate the pumps even more.

And with the pumps, my rims system through the rims rocket keeps my mash perfectly steady At whatever temp I want it to be at.

So pump can equal easier on your back and make your mash more steady.

Get pumps! Pumps are your friends!

Oh and get a ball valve after the pump, not before
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Re: opinion about pumps

Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:34 pm

So this may seem crazy but I use three pumps and still have a 3 tier system. I like the speed of the drain you get from a 1.5" Tri-clamp valve and elbow, but use a pump on the HLT to "stir" the HLT as it is PID temp controller. No temperature stratification of the strike/sparge water.

2nd pump is HERMS

3rd Pump is the BK/Trub-Filter/CFC/transfer pump to conical

If any pump decides not to work, which can and does happen I can still use gravity to finish the brew day. Two pumps bought new, one off of Craigslist for $60 used a couple of times until he got frustrated with brewing and dropped the hobby.

All but the HLT pump are Stainless center inlet heads.
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Re: opinion about pumps

Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:33 pm

I thought I had a three tier system, but after reading the posts I'm not sure. This is it:
The HLT is top right at 60 inches, the MT is in the middle at about 40 inches, and the BK is to the left at about 30 inches. It's a gravity rig, and it's downhill all the way to the fermentor. I use a pump to vourlauf the wort through the heat exchanger, and another to move sparge water from the CLT (lower right) to the HLT after I mash in.

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Re: opinion about pumps

Thu Feb 16, 2017 3:12 pm

It's a 3 tier/vessel system. You have a separate vessel for individual things. Yours it just elevated. Mine is one single level 3 vessel device
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Re: opinion about pumps

Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:21 pm

To keep you all updated, I went with a chugger. And then a herms set up with an ultrastat II from williams. lol I love this pump!
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Re: opinion about pumps

Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:06 pm

Glad you got a pump. Make sure to oil it every year or so many hours. I forget the time frame.

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Re: opinion about pumps

Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:52 am

I have a 3 tier system and only had one pump (from mash to boil). Then last year I won a Chugger pump :D NHC in Baltimore. Wow it works wonders I would have to use a pitcher open ball valve then take water and sparge it over the mash bed, having to keep a close eye on the level of water in mash this sucks. Now with my new Chugger pump I get the flow from HLT to mash to match the flow from mash to boil, in short I have more free time. Now as for your wreck back I do not see how a pump will help that. You still have to lug kettles around to clean, wash, ect. Not too mention the full carboy I brew outside and store carboy in basement :cry: :cry: :cry:
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