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American IPA - Aroma Missing

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Re: American IPA - Aroma Missing

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 1:48 pm
by brewinhard
SoCal Surfer wrote:
brewinhard wrote:If your beer is not fully carbed yet then it is hard to say if your hop aroma is lacking. Once carbed up, the CO2 will push out the aromatics of the beer and liven up the hop nose. Report back after the beer is carbed and let us know if that makes any difference.

You should always purge the keg (and siphon hoses, if possible) prior to racking your beer into it. This will reduce oxidation and especially with IPA's, keep that fresh hop aroma lasting longer and stronger. Here is how one can do that.

1. Fill your keg with sanitizer of your choice.
2. Use CO2 to push sanitizer out of keg into another vessel.
3. Now your keg is empty and only has CO2 in it.
4. Sanitize all your transfer equipment, and just before starting your siphon, release the pressure relief valve on the keg, remove the lid and rack your beer in (preferrably without splashing).
5. When beer is fully transferred over, put the lid back on and blast the keg with 25-30 psi while pulling the pressure relief valve 5-6 times to clear out any introduced oxygen and helping to properly seat the lid.
6. Voila - kegging is done. Carb up your beer and enjoy!

Oh man! I got excited reading this!

I got excited typing it... :bnarmy: :bnarmy:

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