mashing at 142F (7/23 Sunday show follow-up)

Thu Jul 27, 2006 4:38 am


I just listened to the rest of the Sunday show and wish I could have stayed around longer on Sunday.

One thing that I would like to discuss further is mashing in the lower 140s (60-62C). I believe that you won't be able to use this temp for mashing with a single infusion unless you want to mash for 2+ hours. The reason is the lack of significant alpha amylase activity.

This temp however is the 1st saccrification rest (Maltose rest) in a multi step saccrification rest used in German brewing. But it needs to be followed with a 2nd saccrification rest around 160F (71C) which will convert all the residual starch that wasn't converted at the lower temp. With such a mash schedule you can still brew a full bodied beer even if you start mashing at 142.

As was pointed out, pulling a decoction to raise the temp to 160 after about 30min-40min at this temp should have solved you mash-temp problem.

Justin, always test for conversion when your mash is done. This will prevent you from getting starches into your boil and will point you to a problem at a point where you can still fix it. I didn't hear an iodine test mentioned in the show and just wanted to throw this out here.

Also, my mash is far from being over after 7min. It usually takes 20+ min for my mash to complete conversion (negative iodine test) when I do a single infusion mash at about 150F. I can get converision in 10min when I mash at 160, but who want's to have that many dextrines in the beer. The lower the mash temp, the slower the conversion.

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