Next stupid mistake / question....

Wed Jul 12, 2006 8:16 pm

I accidentally mashed my IPA at .76 Q per pound. Normally I go with 1 Q/Lb to 1.25 Q/Lb. What can I look for and or how will this affect the finished beer.


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Re: Next stupid mistake / question....

Wed Jul 12, 2006 8:34 pm

I would expect your OG to be less than predicted; is that true?

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Thu Jul 13, 2006 5:00 am

some say that a thicker mash will produce a more dextrinous (less fermentable) wort.

I'm sure that's true, but it doesn't have as much of an effect as the mash temp itself. So, bottom line, your beer will be fine just MAYBE a touch sweeter than if you mashed with more water.
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