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Sun Jul 09, 2006 3:28 am

mykafone wrote:This past Friday I brewed a Belgain Strong ale using the recipe from Charlie P's book microbrewed adventures. Living in the Southern California desert it was a nice and cool 113º. I almost didnt have to heat my strike water. To make a long story short(like my brew day) I started at 1pm and by the time my boil was done I was too. I was overheated dehydrated(the wits didnt help) and puking my brains out.(from the heat not beer) I ended up having to let my wort sit in my ice bath after running the chiller(my chiller is not that effective in 113º heat) for about 12 hours while I recouped. I pitched at 6am the next morning. What bad things can I expect?

And - - - are there any other So Cal brewers around here - Coachella Valley Brewers???? I need some brewing buddies...

Damn dude, that sounds freakin awful! I thought I had it bad over here in Florida where the humidity often matches the temp. It's so bad even the breeze goes elsewhere. I think they have ways for you to deal with that though. If you must continue outside try erecting a makeshift shelter by hanging large tarps overhead giving you a bit of shade. In addition goto the homedepot and get one or two of those "misting kits". They blow out a fine mist offering a drop of temp. up to 15 -20 deg.. When used in conjuction with a fan you get the maximum effect. Good luck .
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Sun Jul 09, 2006 6:36 am

I grew up in the desert and hated it. Never got used to the heat. So, I moved out of hell up to the PNW. It was about 78f yesterday and about 62f in my shop where I brew.

Good times...
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