Frozen Malt?!

Sat May 06, 2006 3:14 pm

Ok......I'm new to All-Grain... for my second batch I bought a butt load of milled British 2-row and brewed a batch (At the same time learned a valuable lesson about using too much Gypsum. Glass of "Chalk" anyone?) Well the extra grain (12lbs) went into a large grain bag and then into an even larger, heavy, black "Contractor" bag. Then the whole works went into the freezer. Now, I just listened to the "grain" show from the archives and the dude said to not expose your grain to temp extremes. Warm to cold ....condensation...then mold ....etc. My question is :

Should I feed the grain to my Dad's chickens and get "malted eggs" the Ole' Fashion way....or should I brew a batch and hope it doesn't taste like and old sock?

So what is your experience (or ideas) with milled grain stored in freezer for a 3 weeks to a month?

Thanks All!

Another Masshole in the Group,


P.S. I understand the condensation argument from the warm to cold, however, wouldn't the extreme cold of the deep freeze prevent mold or general spoilage or oxidation?
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Sat May 06, 2006 9:24 pm

Taste it... does it taste like a mouldy ball of shit? Then don't use it...
Does it taste like malt?... Use it.
Don't get hung up on little things, it is a food ingredient, taste then decide.
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Wed Jul 12, 2006 8:29 pm

bub wrote:Taste it... does it taste like a mouldy ball of shit? Then don't use it...

Always the poet BUB, I love it.I had some frozen and thawed. Only froze it for about 3 weeks, but it came out just fine. Don't sweat it. Just don't feed it to the chickens. :shock:
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