Mon Aug 21, 2006 7:31 pm

I have done about 6 batches with obsessive newbie gravity readings throughout the sparge. In my ignorant innocence, I have always dropped the hydrometer right into the runoff sample. Haven't cracked the hydro yet, though I won't argue that luck has nothing to do with this. I plan on continuing this habit, though I probably won't check so often, as I have come close to all of my numbers except on my first batch. I have put a conversion chart right on my brew sheet where I record the readings, so I can make instant adjustments. Surprisingly, the adjustments are pretty accurate and I am within a point or two of my target gravity every time. More accurate than any of my thermometer readings (I use 3 thermometers, and they're only within about 4 to 6 degrees of eachother, and they margin of error is not linear, so making adjustments is impossible -- any suggestions?).
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Tue Aug 22, 2006 3:24 pm

Thirsty Boy wrote:To get your gravity fast from hot wort, could you not dilute the it down by a set amount of tap water and then just calculate.. eg 50ml hot wort @ 80C + 50ml tap water then multiply the gravity by 2 ?

No risk of cracking the hydrometer and you dont have to wait for it to cool.

Note: I haven't tried this... I am flat out remembering to take gravities at all

I use this method all the time. Works a treat and is much faster than waiting for the wort to cool. You can also shove a digital temp probe in there to get an accurate temp reading to do the gravity/temp adjustment.

The only time this caused me problems was that I once forgot that I was reading a half gravity sample. Totally freaked out and couldn't figure out why my volume was right but the gravity was WAY off the 1048 I was expecting. Finally remebered to double the sample reading to get the actual wort gravity.

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