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Wyeast 1056 and WLP 001...they're not the same.

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Re: Wyeast 1056 and WLP 001...they're not the same.

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:02 pm
by ScottyB-Brewing
Datamike wrote:
I would disagree with all of your findings. I've used both brands for years, both are quality products. I actually prefer Wyeast as I've found that their packaging is more protective when it comes to temperature extremes. Over the years I've purchased several vials of White Lab's yeast that were DOA. I assume they died during shipping/storage due to high/low temps. The Wyeast smack-pack is also a great way to verify the viability of the yeast.

I've never had any sulfury notes from 1056 or 001. Seems like you might have an infection of some kind.


I agree, I ordered Wyeast's West Yorkshire in the hottest part of the summer and it was left on my doorstep when it was 110 outside and it still worked perfectly, great fermentation OG: 1.050 FG: 1.010. I was surprised any yeast could survive the temps it was shipped at but it did and the beer came out great too, a little dry and light bodied but still grrrreat.

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