Re: Kreuesen after 10 days?

Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:51 pm

Ralph Icebag wrote: I would like to start harvesting the yeast that is in the primary from this batch. Will dry hopping in the primary make the harvesting and rinsing part more problematic? Also which is more preferable with with these top cropping yeasts , to harvest some Kreuesen or to go the yeast rinsing route?

If possible go for the cleaner, healthier yeast via the top cropping method. Otherwise yeast rinsing post-fermentation is certainly a viable and popular option. On a side note, a portion of the cells from yeast rinsing are dead, dying or what have you, but you can definitely have a lot of successful subsequent fermentation cycles using rinsed yeast if you take a "good" cut of the yeast sediment. Both commercial breweries and homebrewers have success with either route so try both methods, see which gives you better results and run with it.

I would not worry about the yeast cell walls after dry hopping. Portions of isomerized alpha acids from the boiled wort are what continue to stick to the yeast cell walls after harvesting from post fermentation. Sierra Nevada studied this and found reusing this yeast can add some bitterness to a subsequent batch but I would not worry about that unless you are going from a Quadrupel IPA with Kolsch yeast to an actual Kolsch.
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Re: Kreuesen after 10 days?

Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:27 am

Afterlab wrote:I would not worry about that unless you are going from a Quadrupel IPA with Kolsch yeast to an actual Kolsch.

In which case I'd worry more about the yeast being pooped after the high gravity of a 4XIPA....
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Re: Kreuesen after 10 days?

Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:13 pm

I made 500 ml of10.40 wort and added about 2 tablespoons of kreuesen to it. No sign of activity just yet but it,s early. After harvesting the kreuesen I dry hopped both primaries. I found myself focusing more on the fermenter with the WLP001 more, probably because it's what the recipe called for... it smells better and cleaner... and then the whole kreuesen thing. The WLP 060 seems more like a red headed step child to me. I'm sure it'll turn out fine but it'll just be "different". I might do a starter with the dry hopped kreuesen just to see what happens and try the yeast rinse after it goes in the kegs just to cover the bases.

No plans for a high gravity brew just yet, but I see what you guys are drivin' at. I wouldn't even chance it, I'd just go with a fresh vial or smack pack just to be on the safe side .
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