BUBWEB ALERT!!! (Marketing Ploy)

Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:30 am

To all current and future BUBWeb customers,

Two years ago when BUBWeb.com switched service providers and servers, well I wasn't paying much attention. The rate I started with was an introductory one and well the bill has come due, and frankly I was shocked. I am on a two year cycle with billing so it was double and then some. Now I can handle it just fine and your service is NOT at risk, but I could use some more cash to pay the bill. So till the end of March I am running a “HOLY CRAP!” sale to refill the coffers.
So now until the end of March you get 15% off our crazy low prices on any and all purchases. (First bill only, Semi-Annual and Annual plans only)
You could save up to $7.50 on a pro plan alone...

Just use coupon code Woah

I guess this would be a good spot to put a link to the store....


This is as good as my marketing gets people, feel free to ask questions etc. OH! If you share this to all your friends you will get the satisfaction of helping a small business person feed his children (mostly goldfish and fruit roll ups, but hey you can't win them all).

Sorry to spam up your email or Facebook or forum or Pony Express or smoke signal or whatever method of communication I am using to get this out there. If this is an inappropriate communication email me back and smack me on the head, or delete it, or whatever.

Thanks for all your past business, and please give me more money.... er I hope I can earn your future business as well.
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Re: BUBWEB ALERT!!! (Marketing Ploy)

Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:04 pm

bub wrote: smack me on the head, or delete it, or whatever.

How 'bout a quick slap to the :nutters: ?
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Re: BUBWEB ALERT!!! (Marketing Ploy)

Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:39 pm

spiderwrangler wrote:
bub wrote: smack me on the head, or delete it, or whatever.

How 'bout a quick slap to the :nutters: ?

If that's what you want? :unicornrainbow:
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