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Any fun intra-club comp suggestions?

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Re: Any fun intra-club comp suggestions?

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:43 am
by TheTodd
Thanks all for the suggestions. We've done many of these incarnations in the past couple of years, but there are always tweaks to be made to keep it fresh. Looks like we're leaning towards a Food and Beer pairing comp where the food contribution must be made with some of the home brew.

FYI: One that we have made an annual event for our December Holiday Party is a Secret Santa. Everyone involved must give a style and one additional ingredient that must be used by their chosen recipient. The brewer has some latitude in using the special ingredient. For example, last year I was given a Foreign Extra Stout and a can of Cranberry sauce. I didn't have to use the sauce, it just had to be cranberry-something. I brewed the stout and then racked onto muddled whole cranberries. What I learned is that I should have added cranberry juice instead. The combination of the roasted grains and just cranberries ended up being too tannic.

Re: Any fun intra-club comp suggestions?

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 4:48 am
by NateBrews
hm, extra stout and cranberries does seem like a hard combination to pull off well.

One thing I was thinking about was a "hide the alcohol" challenge. Make a bunch of beers (whatever styles, brewers choice) and try to make them taste as low ABV as possible but bump the actual ABV as high as you can without giving it away. Then have everyone guess the alcohol levels of the beers and the person who hid it the best wins.

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