NHC review 2013

Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:12 pm

Great to meet all the BN crew. Justin, Jamil, Tasty, Doc, Push, JP, Beevo, Sam, Kate, Nicole, Paxton...
I didn't get to met Gordon Strong or Nathan Smith, but maybe another time.
WTH - no lunchmeat shirts!
John Maier, John Blichmann, Hop Union, FreshHops, Niko,
I hope all of you had a good time in Philly. I think Doc did. :lol:
Congratulations to Doc on his medals!
Pro-brewers night. Talking with with Tasty and Mitch in the Stone booth was awesome.
Meeting Jamil - thanking him for all he does for homebrewing was important to me. I learned how to brew listening to him.
Brewstrong Live!
Club night - hanging out with friends and family at such a crazy event was fun. Even though some local clubs were lame...
Nodding Head - Gordon (brewmaster) talking to me (again) for 30 minutes about his process for sours - especially his Berliner Weisse.

Speaking of Berliner Weisse - the NHC sponsored beer in the can was horrible. The AHA warned of cans exploding. It was supposed to be a Pilsner and it tasted worst than any beer made commercially I have ever had. Round Guys Brewing produced the infected pilsner. That was not the way to make an impression on thousands of beer drinkers.

Best brewery beer I had was from Stone - Enjoy by.
Best local brewery beer I had was from Free Will. They are making great beer.
Lots of good homebrew and some that backs up JP's comments...

Monks - Tom is such a nice guy. The NHC should have had his keynote as the welcome toast.
Great local food, great local beer.
I'm local and was hoping Philly did a good job. We have a great beer location and hopefully it showed in the event.
Hopefully Philly treated you all to you a good time.
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Re: NHC review 2013

Sat Aug 03, 2013 4:02 pm

It was a good conference. I absolutely hated Pro Brewers Night. Half the booths were empty and with 4000 people there the lines were too long. I bailed about an hour in and headed for the sports bars downstairs.

Club night was amazing, and Chef Sean's dinner was delicious.

I'm glad I got to see old friends (like Blober and BrewTat), happy to meet new friends (like Grod and BPup). There were a lot of you :asshat: s I didn't get to meet, but there's always next year. Frankly, that's the best part of these things, hanging with the BN Army. You guys rock. *sniff* I didn't mean to get all misty-eyed.
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