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mistakes on my first

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Re: mistakes on my first

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:47 pm
by KelseyvilleMike
Welcome to homebrewing! As the previous posters mentioned, get a wort chiller (or use your bathtub/sink and ice if you can't get one soon) and pitch your yeast as close to your fermentation temp as you can get it. AND HOLD IT THERE! More important than pitch temp is fermentation temp and keeping ferm temp as consistent as possible. The higher the ferm temp, the more fruity/estery it will be and you will also get that alcohol nose and flavors. The lower the ferm temp the "cleaner" your beer will be. You will still get the alcohol, but it is blended into the flavor profile rather than smacking you in the tongue. You may also experience some phenols which are those bandaid, smoke, plastic or that drinking-out-of-a-garden-hose flavor - depends on your yeast.

Every brew is an experience. Just relax, have a home-brew (or a great craft brew) and be patient. And don't toss the beer unless it is totally undrinkable. You would surprised how much a beer will change with a little aging.

Or, consider this an experience, taste the beer as it ages, and record the results. Keeping good notes is a great way to get better, or to re-create the beer if it turns out awesome.

Let us know how it turns out!


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